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Layaway is an alternative for customers who either ; Can't afford an item they wish to own . Don't want to pay for the item in full today. Might be on a fixed budget. Average down payments are between $22.59 & $38.46. Depends on your purchase amount. Example: You may pay $35.00 down & an average amount of $8.75 a week for 4 weeks if your total purchase amount was $70.00. Lay-A-Way Refunds will be credited to a in store account - No Cash Refunds On Lay-A-Ways! You pay a maximum of $20 per week or the minimun amount until the order is completed within the 4 weeks. Once completed your order will be shipped to you. This is just another great way to buy a purse you always dreamed of, and not feel like you spent a million bucks.

There are no items currently available in this category

To purchase an item(s) for Lay-A-Way select the items you want ,then select CHECKOUT ,on SHIPPING, select Lay-A-Way. We will automatically know to hold you items for Lay-A-Way. You will be email a PayPal invoice weekly ,click on the link in you email to submit your payment using paypal.On your last payment the shipping charges will be added so that your order may be shipped on time. We will email you a invoice a total of 4 times (that's once per week)to collect your lay-a-way payment ,after 4 weeks and you still have a remaining balance ,we will contact you by phone to collect a payment . After a total of 6 weeks if you still have a remaining balance or you have not made any payments ,your Lay-A-Way will be cancelled ,at that time you will be email a statement with your in store balance(the deposit you have made)you can use this balance to make purchaces at Seven Fashions.

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